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Worst Aviation Flight Schools - UND Aviation

If you are a prospective student, you should beware of UND aviation, held at the University of Grand Forks North Dakota. First of all, if you haven't checked out the homepage, you can do so to read the original story of the bad things this university has done to a former aviation student attending their flight school. Check out this page to read more about UND aviation and their mishaps.

UND claims to be one of the best aviation schools to attend

Of course you are only hearing a one sided part of the story, they may seem great and you may have heard a lot about them being the best aviation school out there. The thing is, if you look closer, you will start to see sites similar to the one you are reading now. Most aviation schools don't have so many sites such as UND Fraud and UND News. Honestly, these are not sites owned by me, but by other former students and UND alumni who are fed up with UND. Why is this important to you? Well, if you are currently searching for an aerospace school or flight program, you want to get as much information as you can before risking so much money and time.

UND is not the best aviation school - look at the fail rate

Well, you don't even have to look at the fail rate. Just have Idona Holbrook from the aviation department at UND tell you in person how much of a failure the UND aviation program really is. Idona is an aviation program advisor and a professor at the school. In your first class at UND, she'll come in throwing her ego around and literally point her finger across the room and say "most of you WILL fail and never become a pilot". So after she drags on and on about how most of the class is going to fail, not get their college degrees and trying to scare everyone, then she'll finally get to the point teach us something more practical. The sad part is, she is correct, UND has a lousy high failure rate compared to other much better aviation schools... Don't believe me, check out rate my professors and view what students had to say about Idona Holbrook. I'm just telling you what came straight out of the horse's ass: crap on top of crap and more crap and she'll probably laugh and say it's all true if you asked her.

University of North Dakota aerospace program

I'm sure you have read the ratings about Idona Holbrook at rate my professors and the general advice is not to screw around and to do your homework and you won't fail. Well, that's common sense and I can see people failing if they don't put in the work. The funny part is, I was a UND aviation student who put in the work and even got a 4.0 GPA for two years, won two D.J. Robertson awards and made it on the dean's list. That's a straight A in all aviation courses. I was a hard working student at the north dakota flight program. Want to know what happened to me? I failed... not because I did poorly in class, but because the UND faculty and financial aid department were extremely incompetent in handling my financial papers and doing their jobs. So what happened was I basically got an A in their 5 credit Private Pilot 151 course and their FAA test, but I officially received an F because their administration couldn't get their stuff together and I was forced on the streets in the middle of winter due to no financial aid and had to be taken home. Yeah... that's what they do to their 4.0 GPA students with die hard work ethics. What's really HILARIOUS is me receiving a financial aid check some 6 months later in May for my financial aid, so UND finally got on the ball 5 months late after I was forced out of school. That is more than enough proof to show that UND aerospace is a joke, not the student.

Update from UND aviation school

Idona Holbrook no longer has a job at the UND school of aviation or the UND aerospace program.

Also, the knuckleheads specifically mentioned on my site will periodically keep changing their faculty profile page URL at the UND website, which causes broken links on my site because their page no longer exists (they moved it to a different address). This is probably just an attempt by them to avoid be associated with this horrendous screwup and not be found on my site through the links. In turn and again, I have updated the links to their new faculty profile and professor pages to point them out.

Aviation Instruction Institutes - UND aviation program

One of the problems at UND aviation that led to some of the more agonizing problems at UND was their faculty assistant dean Ken Polovitz, or whoever that clown's name is...

Ken Polovitz - University of North Dakota (UND) Aviation and Aerospace
Rinky Dink Bastard constantly changes his university pages to broken links and is no longer link-able.
I decided to put his enlarged photo here permenantly on-site.

If you've ever been to UND, you'll see him rag tagging along with Idona to some of the classes and pretty much preaching about how much of a failure UND aviation is (in regards to a majority of all the new students who are likely to fail, get weeded out and lose a ton of wasted money). In the middle of fixing this financial aid problem, this clown decides to pull a lie and do something very insulting in the middle of a serious situation and you can read about that whole story at UND aviation financial aid. So in the end, not only was I thrown out on the streets (kicked out of the UND dorms in the middle of winter), but this Ken Polovitz and a few others decide to throw a few cheap shots in as well, as I'll talk about.

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